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It’s day one or one day, you decide!

We live in a world where staying fit is no more an option, it has become a necessity. Post covid, people from every generation have become more cautious of their health and diet. Gone are the days when diet meant only losing weight. Diet plans today cover a huge umbrella and have a host of packages and options to choose from.

Integrated Wellness brings to you specially curated and drafted diet plans that will suit you, give your body the required nutrition and as an outcome of opting, will deliver fruitful results.

Our Packages Offered

Both men and women struggle with hormonal and age-related skin issues such as acne, wrinkles, spots, and an uneven complexion.

Weight Management Diet Plans

Weight management is the process of long-term lifestyle changes to maintain a healthy weight based on age, gender and height. Weight management methods include a healthy diet and increased physical activity. Under this huge umbrella of weight management diet plans, Integrated Wellness has a further division of the package available, the different weight management plans are as follows -

Beginner Weight Loss Diet Plan


30 Day Weight Loss Diet Plan


90 Day Weight Loss Diet Plan


120 Day Weight Loss Diet Plan


30 days Weight Gain Diet Plan


90 days Weight Gain Diet Plan


Therapeutic Diet Plans

A therapeutic diet is a nutritional plan that includes a specific food or food intake. Nutrients. It is part of the treatment of the illness and is usually Prescribed by a doctor and planned by a nutritionist. Therapeutic diet Change to a normal diet. Changed or adjusted to the nutritional needs of a particular person. Integrated Wellness offers a great variety like -

PCOD Diet Plan


Thyroid Diet Plan


Diabetes Diet Plan


Cholesterol Management Diet Plan


Gluten Allergy Diet Plan


Menopause Diet Plan


Hypertension Diet Plan


Healthy and Glowing Skin, Hairs & Nails Diet Plan


Uric Acid Diet Plan


Post Pregnancy weight loss Diet Plan


Lifestyle Diet Plans

Just how every person is different, each body is different and hence, the needs of everybody are unique. We at Integrated Wellness understand that each human leads a different lifestyle, which is why the body functions uniquely and setting up just one diet plan for the everyone won’t be fair. What we offer is as follows -

Low carb diet plan


Ultra-low fat diet plan


Low cholesterol diet plan 7Day


Liver Cleaning Diet 7Days


Bride and Groom Wedding Diet plan

As the name suggests, this package caters especially to the bride and groom. On your special day, both of you as a couple wish to look your best and we at Integrated Wellness understand your needs perfectly and hence, have packages designed accordingly that give you the best results and your wedding is just perfect. We offer the following packages -

Wedding Diet


Slim down for wedding


The Wedding Day plan


How Diet Plans Work? The Technology

Diet Plans today are designed especially for different needs because everybody has different routine, different mechanism and hence, assigning one diet plan to everyone does not work. We at Integrated Wellness, with our team of experts design the perfect diet plan for you.

Target Audience

Our TA is literally everyone who wishes to stay fit, maintain a healthy diet and look presentable at all times. Diet sees no discrimination; everybody is a work of art and we wish to become the artists that carve your needs perfectly.

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What Our Clients Say

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Our name sounds perfect as a couple and hence for our wedding we wanted to look perfect too! I chose Integrated Wellness because they had a very nice range of bride and groom diet plans and we enjoyed the journey.

Radha and Shyam

Integrated wellness was one good decision I made in life, dealing with allergies is already not easy. In such a scenario finding myself a diet plan was equally difficult but, these guys have me a solution and were very helpful.

Karan Taneja

The diet plan packages at Integrated Wellness are amazing, the professionals take out all the time you need and explain things in detail. I had a great experience with them and the results were also very satisfying.

Smriti Pandey


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We at IW, analyse your body, needs and what end result you wish to achieve to suggest a diet plan to you.
Post you select a diet plan, our professional guides you through your meal plan.
It all depends on how seriously you take the plan; we are here to support you.
Dieting does not mean eating less, it means eating what is right hence, no weakness.

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