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Smile, it’s the key that fits everyone’s heart’s lock.’

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A well-rounded physical fitness routine is a key component to living a healthy lifestyle

Have you ever been told to cheer up and smile? It’s probably not the most helpful advice, especially when you’re sick, weary, or just plain miserable. But, as cheesy as it may sound, there’s a good reason to turn that frown upside down. The simple act of smiling has been found to improve your mood, reduce stress, increase your immune system, and potentially even extend your life.

For students with special communication problems, Smile Therapy is an organized, customized therapy. It focuses on 'real' face-to-face interactions in everyday life circumstances between these students and persons who are unfamiliar with their needs.

Our Services

Here are some of the valuable services we provide as part of our smile therapy


Teeth Whitening

Invigorate your selfie game with teeth whitening. Have here a radiant white smile in one minute!!


Lip Fillers

Do you feel self-conscious about wearing lipstick since leaking lipstick is a problem for you? Lip Filler is a procedure that enlarges the lips using fillers such as hyaluronic acid, fat, or implants.


Lip Peel

It’s time for you to try the lip peel. Lip peels are similar to facial chemical exfoliators in that they often contain some sort of hydroxy acid (lactic or glycolic) to gently dissolve the top layer of dead skin on the lips. Lip peels are a moderate form of exfoliation that won’t harm the sensitive skin on your lips like scrubbing will.


Gummy smile collection

‘Lip Repositioning Surgery’ is the method for correcting a gummy smile. Lip repositioning surgery is a cosmetic procedure in which the lip is connected to the teeth at a lower level so that the gums are hidden when smiling.


Lip Tinting

You’ll like the natural radiance that lip tints provide while still giving your face the sheen you desire!


Teeth Jewlery

Let's get more attractive & unique with teeth Jwellery. Let’s get more updated with teeth Jwellery. Let's try now!!!


In today's next-generation age, science, in conjunction with technology and techniques that are rapidly becoming embedded in day-to-day dental treatment, has shifted the notion of a healthy smile to one that is more effective and less invasive. In this case, the dentist must use computer-assisted software and hardware to offer a customized smile that perfectionist touch, as well as the best state-of-the-art material, equipment, and techniques.

Target Audience

Researchers discovered that smiling reduces the body's stress response and lowers heart rate in stressful settings; another study related smiling to lower blood pressure, while yet another suggested that smiling promotes longevity.

Hence smiling therapies are highly required for individuals who get into anxiety or depression easily.

Our Pricing Packages

Both men and women struggle with hormonal and age-related skin issues such as acne, wrinkles, spots, and an uneven complexion.

Teeth Whitening

₹20,000/- ₹18000/-

LIP Fillers

₹25000/- ₹15000-20000/-

LIP Peel


Gummy Smile Correction


LIP Tinting


Teeth Jewellery


LIP Shaping


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Smile Therapy is like a constant reassuring voice in the background. A cheerful, upbeat friend who smiles through all of life's ups and downs...

Mehek Daluka

Best Therapy!!! Required for every individual. I needed some Smile-Therapy to get through the day & am satisfied with Integrated Wellness.

Akansha Ghosh

Smile Therapy is the one constant source of happiness in my life, helping me to improve my mood and attitude on a daily basis. Thank you so much Integrated Wellness.

Divvya Majumder

Unfortunately, even the word smile is discriminated on the basis of gender but thanks to integrated wellness who have no gender bias and best service.

Himanshu Tyagi

Everyone wants to smile the best, be it boy/girl. I thank integrated wellness for being so kind, so professional and delivering the best.

Nihal Jain


Express, Emote , Connect and Convey your ideas and stories with your customers

• Blood pressure is lower.
• Enhanced endurance
• Pain is lessened.
• Stress reduction
• Immune system fortification
The duration of your treatment will depend on the number and type of procedures and the extent of the changes you want to make.
The most effective way to maintain the results of your smile makeover is to exercise good oral hygiene habits including, brushing and flossing your teeth daily.
Most cosmetic dentistry treatments involve little to no discomfort.

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