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Great skin doesn’t happen by chance it happens by facial appointment!

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Great skin doesn’t happen by chance it happens by facial appointment!

Everyone dreams of having clear, bright, soft, and beautiful skin. However, in today’s world where our skin constantly has to deal with harsh sun exposure, UV light and blue light-emitting from screens 24/7, heavy pollution, unavoidable stress, and what not basically make it impossible to achieve the skin we all dream of and badly want… it’s time to show some mercy on your skin because they deserve to be pampered.

Integrated Wellness can turn your dream into reality with these amazing and effective medicated facials which will give you radiant and beautiful skin in no time!

Our Services Make Us Different

Both men and women struggle with hormonal and age-related skin issues such as acne, wrinkles, spots, and an uneven complexion.


Bb glow permanent foundation

To maintain the quality of your skin, you do need to pamper it from time to time. We offer a facial for normal to dry skin which includes cleansing, exfoliation, and levels of moisture that nourish your skin to keep it healthier, firmer, and looking fresh.


Led light clean up facial

When your skin feels dull, let the breeze feel your skin. Led Light Clean up facial regenerate skin from aging. So, with our help get the perfectly hydrated skin


Hydra face treatment

The skin undergoes a lot of changes. It loses its luster and elasticity. This facial treatment will help you to slow down the signs of dryness and achieve healthy radiant skin. It starts with gentle cleansing.


Fire and ice facial

This facial is perfect for brightening the skin before any special occasion. The extract used for this facial has a regenerating effect that improves skin texture, firmness, tone, or any other sun damage.


Carbon laser facial

Struggling with uneven skin tone/ sun burn, brown spots on the skin or freckles can be a challenging task. This facial is an effective solution for improving the overall appearance of skin and giving immediate results.


Vampire facial

It’s a dream for everyone to retain their youthful skin. By following a proper medicated facial sessions, it’s possible to maintain your youthful skin and feel beautiful all the time. This medical facial includes not only deep cleansing and pore extraction, but also lymphatic drainage massage techniques that will purify your skin.

How medicates facial work (Technology)

Medicated Facials and facial masks are popular products, especially for those who have sensitive skin.

Medicated Facials help in peeling off layers of dead cells without triggering any response from the skin.

Our Pricing Packages

Both men and women struggle with hormonal and age-related skin issues such as acne, wrinkles, spots, and an uneven complexion.

BB GLOW Permanent foundation


LED Light Clean Up Facial


Carbon Laser Facial

₹6500/- ₹5000/-

Vampire Facial(Face PRP)

₹7000/- ₹5000/-

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What Our Clients Say

View our Customer feedback from their trip to our Spa.

Integrated Wellness did my hair Carbon Laser Facial. They did an excellent job of telling me what was needed and how it would happen. I had treatment on my face After only 5 treatments showed excellent results. The procedure was not painful and was a comfortable treatment. I was very impressed with the knowledge and ability of Facial staff who did my treatment. Definitely worth the money.

Meenal Sharma

“I can’t believe the results even after only 1 treatment! I’m excited for when I finish! “

Kristen Dsouza

Both my sister and I signed up for Vampire Facial. Earlier we thought not it’s impossible for us to regain youthful skin. But Integrated Wellness and their experienced team prove us wrong. All our fine lines and wrinkle just gone like it was never there, we gain an adorable texture and complexion on our skin and we are very happy! highly recommend.

Meenu Miraj


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Facials can provide an invaluable bridge between your daily skin care routine and any dermatological procedures you may need. Facials, with their special cleansing, clarifying and exfoliation, can be customized to benefit any skin type, whether it’s oily and acne prone, dry or aging.
In Two to three days. Your skin will begin to purge. As your skin expedites its recovery, it pushes everything to the surface, and the end result is a healthy mix of whiteheads, pimples, and even blackheads.
Besides promoting relaxation, a regular facial provides many benefits including noticeable improvements to your skin tone, texture and appearance. Facials also help to improve circulation to optimize cellular health and promote collagen production.
-Avoid heavy makeup (at least for six hours)
- Avoid going near heat

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