• Every person before starting a diet plan asks this same question because when you wish to put in efforts, eat right and exercise you obviously wish to know if the results will be adequate and satisfactory. This […]

  • There are different things you ought to do before you start. Focus on the weight reduction plan. Think about telling individuals near you. They can assist with checking your advance and offer help. This can […]

  • Every human being on this planet leads a different lifestyle. Some start their day early, some work late at night, some are active, some are sedentary etc. This is how their day is different from yours, now when […]

  • What to expect varies depending on the depth of your chemical peel.

    1.If you’ve had a light chemical peel:

    Expect a sunburn-like reaction to occur after your peel, meaning you’ll see redness followed by sca […]

  • Generally, superficial peels can be used on all skin types. However, if you have a darker skin tone, you have a greater risk of experiencing a darkening of your skin after treatment. This condition is called […]

  • “Invest in your skin it is going to represent you for a very long period”

    If you also upset because of your skin which loves acne and spots more than you, then dear you are not alone. For such customer Int […]

  • The term ‘expensive’ varies from person to person. The amount which is normal for someone might be over the edge for others.

    Average cost of

    Hair cut: 200-700

    Hair styling : 700-2500

    Hair spa: […]

  • The chemicals used at Integrated Wellness are dermatologically tested. Treating and styling your hair makes your hair look healthy and provides you an unmatchable confidence. Majority of the hair coloring […]

  • There are plenty of services that Integrated Wellness offers to their male clients. Here is the list of the services available:

    Hair grooming services

    Hair cut

    Shampoo and conditioner

    Hair spa

    Hair […]

  • The most satisfying answer to the question is: less frizzy and more manageable hair. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want less frizzy, more manageable, conditioned hair and healthy looking hair? We all crave for […]

  • Manicure and pedicure mainly exfoliates, removes dirt and groom the nails. Apart from these while receiving manicure and pedicure you will also receive massage which will help to fight your stress and tiredness. […]

  • Your skin is one thing that you do not wish to mess with. You are very cautious of the products you use, you read all the product descriptions carefully and judge what will suit your skin, which ingredient can […]

  • A vampire facial is not as dreading as the name sounds. The technique behind a vampire facial is that essentially, a veil made from a part of your own special blood — not any other individual’s — is spread all […]

  • Everyone in this world dreams of having a good healthy skin that is clear, shines brightly and is soft but unfortunately the environment that we live in does not allow us to have such a desired skin. Pollution, […]

  • Permanent makeup is totally safe but you must be aware of all the basic factors which can lead to any complications and infections, because yes! It can happen. You should avoid every possible aspect to avoid any […]

  • Procedures such as microblading and micro pigmentation are painless when done correctly. It might vary from person to person. While receiving the treatment some might feel a tingling sensation and others might […]

  • Permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique that imparts permanent makeup on the skin like: eyeliner, shaped eyebrow, freckles, lip and cheek tint and lifted eye lashes.

    Integrated Wellness offers a variety of […]

  • The term ‘expensive’ varies from person to person. The amount which is normal for some people might be over the edge for others. The average cost of slimming programs in India ranges from 5000 to 500000. The […]

  • Slimming programs come with numerous health as well as mental benefits. Choosing a better and healthier way to live is rewarding in itself. Benefits of a slimming program includes:

    More energy: undergoing a […]

  • A slimming program is a conventional weight loss program which involves physical activities, nutritional counseling, behavioral therapies. It is a state of the art treatment for children and adults. It is […]

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