Integrated Wellness India Pvt Ltd (IW) provides consultancy and services in the feald of weight loss, Slimming & Skin & Hair and Dental wellness across India. Aimed primarily in make-up and grooming, weight loss & Slimming, Diet, Dental, Hair, Astatic & Derma treatment, Hair Transplant, Laser treatments along with in house Wellness Products.

Its not possible for IW to gurantee 100% same resultes to all customers as results depends on many medical and physical factors for different customers.

Integrated Wellness Subscription Services you use at your own risk and you, along with your doctor, coaches or healthcare provider, are personally responsible for validating if its suitability for your needs.

Membership fee will be charged for each service you take with us. This is valid for a time framne, as per the package one has choused & no adjustments of the period is permissible unless informed in advance.

In view of above, registered members are requested to avail there consultations and service with regularity to avail maximum benefits.

The customers are required to register only after a clear understanding of the process involved as the Dietclinic.in cannot be held liable thereafter.