Are hair treatments costly?

The term ‘expensive’ varies from person to person. The amount which is normal for someone might be over the edge for others.

Average cost of

Hair cut: 200-700

Hair styling : 700-2500

Hair spa: 500-2500

Hair smoothening: 1500-3000

Hair rebonding: 3000-5000

Hair coloring: 700-2500

Hair perming: 2000-4000

Head massage: 450-1000

Hair shampooing and conditioning: 350-1000

The cost factors depends on the products used and the length of the hair. It also depends on the beautician performing it. The price increases with experience. Integrated Wellness tries to keep an affordable price for all it’s services. You must keep in mind that we use quality products that will cause minimal or no damage to your hair. The lasting period of all the procedures vary. Treatments like hair spa lasts for about 15-30 days while treatments like smoothening, rebonding and coloring can last for a year. Keeping good care of your hair will help in the lasting of the treatments. External beauty is always a priority and to achieve the look you want you should give your trust to someone. We ensure to make each and every wish of yours to come into life, making sure to get it done without creating a hole in your pocket.

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