Are slimming programs costly?

The term ‘expensive’ varies from person to person. The amount which is normal for some people might be over the edge for others. The average cost of slimming programs in India ranges from 5000 to 500000. The price depends on a variety of factors like the procedure chosen, the part of the body where the treatment is being done, experience of the physician, place of receiving the treatment, technology used and the targeted weight loss.

 Integrated Wellness tries to keep an affordable price for all it’s services. One must keep in mind that we use quality products that will cause minimal or no damage to the person receiving it.

The various slimming programs offered at INTEGRATED Wellness includes:

Shaping and contouring 4-D HFU: 4-D HFU is an ultrasound machine that improves skin elasticity and helps the slimming and contouring of the body parts. It removes the excess fat and saggy skin. The desired result is obtained after performing it a number of times.

  1. Full face cost: 15,000-20,000.
  2. Abdomen cost: 20,000-40,000.
  3. Arms cost: 20,000.
  4. Thighs cost: 40,000.

 External beauty is always a priority and to achieve the look you want you should give your trust to someone. We ensure to make each and every wish of yours to come into life, making sure to get it done without creating a hole in your pocket.

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