How is medicated facial different from normal facial?

How is medicated facial different from normal facial?

Everyone in this world dreams of having a good healthy skin that is clear, shines brightly and is soft but unfortunately the environment that we live in does not allow us to have such a desired skin. Pollution, exposure to UV rays, smoke etc. Leaves the skin pores open to so many harmful chemicals that normal facials just don not suffice. This is where you need medicated facials!

These facials are not like any regular salon treatment, they are targeted towards specific concerns and need expert professionals to conduct them. We at Integrated Wellness, give the best with our team of the bests. A conventional facial purge or sheds the skin and is presented at salons and spas all through the country. These are extraordinary assuming you might want to get a quickly unwinding and spoiling experience, however they don’t have a similar impact as a medicated facial.

A sedated facial, conversely, utilizes drug grade synthetic substances and cutting-edge innovations to address imperfections and different issues that influence an individual’s skin. Alongside the customary facial advantages, a sedated facial clinically treats the underlying driver of the skin issue and helps in accomplishing dependable solid skin. We offer a nice range of medicated facials like – BB Glow permanent foundation, LED light clean up facial, Hydra face treatment, fire and ice facial, Vampire facial and Carbon laser facial.

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