Laser Vs. Waxing: which hair removal method is right?

Laser Vs. Waxing: which hair removal method is right?

Removal of body hair is essential to maintain healthy hygiene habits.

And obviously the most common reason behind removing off hairs is to wear what you

Want confidently. To get rid of these unwanted hairs people go for various methods

The most ubiquitous form of removing hair is Waxing and Laser Hair Removal.  but now question raises which method should we use? So, let’s compare two of this most popular methods. Waxing is the process of hair Removal; we use strip wax to effectively remove hairs from roots. But in this modern Era, it becomes an old school method to get hair free flawless skin.

With proper Technique waxing pull of hair from follicle. But waxing typically leaves the skin smooth for few weeks, and you need to wax the same area again and again.

And waxing pains like hell. Waxing and screaming are the compulsory companions.

If we talk about the process of hair removal through high tech Lasers is more easy, secure and

Most importantly a painless method. The process usually begins by numbing and cooling the skin. Laser technique eliminate hairs with heat and leaves the skin sparkling. Technician applies the laser to skin in the area targeted for hair removal. You will feel minimal pain unlike waxing

Plus, result can last for months or even years.


If you’ve ever waxed any part of your body, you know one thing:

It hurts! It can be especially painful in sensitive areas such as ears, bikini lines and

Underarms. Laser hair removal is the best hair removal if you are looking for long term

Painless result.

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