What are the services included in a Pre-Bridal Kit?

Bridal Packages

What are the services included in a Pre-Bridal Kit?

Your D-Day is nearing and amongst all the hustle-bustle of guests coming in, shopping, deciding on the perfect jewellery etc. You forget that the most important thing in all this is YOU! Worry not because Integrated Wellness is here to solve this problem. Our pre-bridal kit prepares you for your special day and offers you with all the pampering that a bride needs that too only from the professional hands.

We have two bridal services available namely – Cosmetic treatments and Aesthetic Packages and the second one being Makeup for events and occasions. Since, every bride is special and unique we do not believe in having one regular pack for every bride. You are special and we at Integrated Wellness take care of the same. All the services provided are by expert professionals who do not stress you out by so much to do instead keep your relaxed with the right procedures and services.

These packages as the name suggests cater to all the bridal needs. The cosmetic treatments and aesthetic package take care of your skin needs and gives you all the polishing that you need. As the name suggests cosmetic treatment and aesthetic package is all about giving you a flawless skin that is healthy and ready. The event and occasion package is all about makeup according to the event. This package is very famous because themes have gained popularity and we specialize in dressing you up accordingly.

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