What are the services men can receive at Integrated Wellness?

What are the services men can receive at Integrated Wellness?

There are plenty of services that Integrated Wellness offers to their male clients. Here is the list of the services available:

  • Hair grooming services

Hair cut

Shampoo and conditioner

Hair spa

Hair coloring

Hair styling

Hair coloring

Hair texture upgradation




Advanced moisturizing

Color protection

Scalp treatment

  • Beard services

Beard coloring


Beard styling

Luxury shaves and beard spa

  • Skin care

Clean ups


Organic facials



  • Hand and feet



Clean ups

Taking care of yourself is like a hobby that gives you mental peace and confidence. Be it women and men everyone should take care of them. Integrated wellness is bringing a revolution in the cosmetic world by providing so many options for their male clients. The professions at Integrated wellness take great care of the comfort of their clients and they are always updated with the latest trends and technologies in the market. Men beauticians are also given opportunities to showcase their talents. The clients can provide reference of what hair style or hair color they want and the professionals will try their best to make it happen.  In case of skin grooming, the organization offers a ton of options like chemical peel facial, organic facial and many more. Sometimes we look at the celebrities and wonder if we can ever achieve that look, well, at Integrated Wellness we make that wish of yours come true. Taking care of the hair and skin provides great benefits and protects the hair and skin from the environmental damages. It also helps in preventing pre mature ageing.

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