What kind of result can a patient expect?

What kind of result can a patient expect?

Firstly, it is essential to have a clear idea of the different types of laser treatments and the skin concerns that one wishes to address. Laser skin resurfacing is used for reducing the appearance of wrinkles, scars; skin tightening and removal of lesions. It removes the outer epidermal layer of the skin very precisely, which helps to produce new collagen fibres. As a result, the skin appears more firm and smooth. Someone with the following skin concerns can receive the skin resurfacing laser treatment:

  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • scars caused by acne or other accidents
  • saggy skin
  • enlarged pores around the nose and cheeks
  • sun damage
  • birthmarks
  • age spots
  • active acne and
  • Dark skin.

Immediately after receiving the laser treatment, the skin will appear red and sunburned. It is advisable not to use any other cosmetics over it. After 5-7 days, the skin will appear dry and peel off. It isn’t something scary. It’s just the outer layer of your skin’s epidermis that is coming off. It is advisable to avoid sun exposure during the healing process. Application of broad-spectrum SPF is a must. Apply the moisturizer recommended by your dermatologist. One can see instant results depending on the treatment received. The gradual development of skin’s texture is visible in a month or few. One can achieve their desired result within one year after the treatment. The treatment lasts for several years. Due to natural body processes, the skin will bore new wrinkles and fine lines. The skin can be treated again, according to the requirements.

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