When should I start a pre bridal package?

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When should I start a pre bridal package?

Pre-Bridal packages include certain must haves for a bride like – facials, laser treatments or any type of hair colour, straightening and many more. When technology has advanced so much and the new age cameras are sharp enough to capture even the flick of an eye, as a bride you certainly do not wish to turn back your album pages and notice any flaws. Our Pre-Bridal Package is a must have because it is very important to have healthy, glowing skin on the day of the wedding and after the wedding.

There are various packages available depending on your need and how much grooming do you wish to have. Every bride is different and unique and hence, our packages are designed in a way that they cater to the needs of every bride. Treating your skin with pre-bridal packages, makes it ready for the for the application of make-up on your “The Day”.  Spa, facials, tan removal, and all sort of pampering possibly makes your skin stress free and ready.

The perks of opting for a pre-bridal package include – 1. It is cheap. 2. Includes customized cosmetic regimens tailored to individual skin types. three. Deep cleaning complete. 4. Exfoliates dead skin cells. 5. Removes blackheads and whiteheads. 6. Thorough body waxing for smooth skin. 8. It helps to improve the skin’s radiance and radiance by increasing blood circulation. 9. At IW we take care of all the stress and tension on you, so you don’t have to worry about how you will look on this special day.

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