Is laser treatment harmful to your skin?

Is laser treatment harmful to your skin?

Laser treatment is in no way harmful for your skin if performed correctly. It is often a misconception that laser treatment is cancerous. The laser light used in the cosmetic treatment is of low intensity and remains in the range of ‘safe zone’. It is based on the principle of photo-thrombolysis which means it is effective to the outer layer of skin and targets the affected areas like magic! Lasers do not give any burns. It helps in boosting collagen and elastin production, which makes our skin appear tight and healthy. It does not cause skin thinning. Laser treatment works with our natural body process so it may not give instant results but the results will be evident. Lasers treatments do not require a lot of recovery time, rather one can immediately indulge in their daily activities.

There are numerous laser treatments out in the market, each with its benefits and goals to act on. The treatment one should receive varies on many factors like skin texture, cosmetic imperfections, age and goals to achieve. It is always safe to get your treatment done by a board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist with relevant experience in the field. We in Integrated Wellness always ensure to keep a check on our professionals. Our recruited dermatologists are degree holders and they are well aware of the trends and technologies. We are a team of experienced professionals and by far we have managed to get positive feedback from our patients.

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